Aston Martin DB9 Sports pack St Albans Cathedral

If you are looking to sell your Aston Martin most people either create an advert themselves and sell privately or sell directly to a dealer.

The down side of selling privately:

Pre-sale valeting costs, photographing the car, writing the description, advertising costs, strangers coming to you home, time wasters, negotiation and public visibility. Aston Martins tend to be expensive motorcars so you might find yourself dealing with a large amount of cash, which will need to be checked and validated before the sale can be completed.

The down side of selling to a dealer: 

Lower than market valuation, logistics of travelling to and from the dealership once your car has been bought by the dealer.

The advantage of selling through us: 

We aim to get the highest possible price your car can achieve in the market place by putting it in front of the right buyers at the right time.

No advertising costs. No pre-sale valeting costs. No strangers at your home.  No public awareness of the sale. No handling of cash.

Total discretion. 100% safe and secure. All payments sent directly from the buyer to your bank account and verified via BACS.

45 years worth of industry expertise on your side. When you are selling a car as rare as a 1965 DB6, simply having  one other car in the market place can make tens of thousands of pounds worth of difference to the final sale price. Timing, contacts and expertise are absolutely integral when placing your car.

Register your car with us: 

If you’re in no rush to sell but would be interested if the right buyer came along, then leave your details with us using the form below and as we receive enquiries we will match enquiries to sellers. Commission will apply on sale.

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