Congratulations. If you are reading this then you are in the process of weighing up the options of buying an Aston Martin. Whether this is your first Aston or your tenth, you are about to be come part of a very exclusive club. There is nothing like owning an Aston Martin.  So you probably think you only have a couple of options – either buy privately or through a dealer:

The down side of buying privately:

Pre-purchase research can be lengthy and confusing. You are reliant on the people advertising the car to be honest and accurate with the listing. If this is not the case then you can find yourself looking at hundreds of cars before you find the one that is right for you, which can be tedious and expensive if the car is on the other side of the country. When you do find the right car you then have to negotiate with the buyer which can often be challenging.

The down side of buying from a dealer: 

Buying price generally slightly higher than market valuation. Dealerships are not always conveniently located.

The advantage of buying through us: 

Where ever you are, we can find the right car for you. Because we have such a wide range of contacts we can get you the right car for the best possible price. We can deliver cars anywhere within the UK so you do not have to leave your home.

No finders fee. No leg work. No hassle. No negotiation needed. Simply the right car, at the right price.

100 % safe and secure. Payment is made directly to the owner of the vehicle via BACS transfer. Finance, pre-sale checks and HPI services can all be arranged. Total discretion guaranteed.

You have 45 years worth of industry expertise on your side. We regularly get requests for cars that are not advertised publicly so no matter how rare your dream motorcar is, let us find it, we know where to look.

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