Chris Welch is the owner and founder of Used Aston Martin, a subsidiary of the Classic Car Brokers Group. Chris has enjoyed a long and fruitful career in the automotive industry that has spanned over 45 years. He has come along way since his humble beginnings as a Sales Associate for Appleyard Specialist Cars.  By 35 Chris had worked his way up to Managing Director and amassed control of 5 Jaguar and 3 Land Rover businesses.

In the mid-nineties Chris was approached by Pendragon to set up the first market area business the group had ever embarked upon in London. This mammoth role consisted of creating and establishing 14 Fiat and Alfa Romeo businesses across the capital.

Chris stayed with Pendragon for another 20 years with his career continuing to blossom; Managing Director of Mead of Burnham Jaguar and Rolls Royce and then onto Stratstone of Mayfair Jaguar.

Towards the twilight of his career, Chris decided to return to the marque that he loved the most. The most well known luxury brand in the world – Aston Martin. Still with Pendragon and operating under the Stratstone name, he launched and ran Aston Martin Amersham as a brand new dealership. He finally ended his epic corporate career at Aston Martin Western Avenue and officially retired in October 2015.

Unable to keep away from the most alluring brand in the world, Chris is determined to improve the processes of sourcing luxury cars. It is a noisy and saturated market that he believes can be bettered. Used Aston Martin was borne out of this desire.